Public Health

Public Health is Community Health.

The Carter County Health Center was created in 1954 when county residents approved the establishment of a property tax to support public health activities. Public efforts are designed to prevent illness, prolong life and improve and protect the health of all the people in our community.

One way to illustrate some of the breadth of public health is to look at some of the notable public health achievements in the 20th century. The following were selected as the “Ten Great Public Health Achievements — United States, 1900-1999” by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  1. Vaccination
  2. Motor-vehicle safety
  3. Safer workplaces
  4. Control of infectious diseases
  5. Decline in deaths from coronary heart disease and stroke
  6. Safer and healthier foods
  7. Healthier mothers and babies
  8. Family planning
  9. Fluoridation of drinking water
  10. Recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard

Many of the programs offered through the Carter County Health Center continue to focus on many of the notable public health achievements listed above.

We offer services in the following areas:

Infant and Child

  • WIC
  • Immunizations
  • Temporary Prenatal Medicaid Cards
  • Head Lice Education/Prevention
  • Child Care Health Promotions
  • Safe Sleep Program
  • Diaper Bank of the Ozarks
  • Lead Screening

School Programs

  • Nutrition Education
  • Flu Immunizations

Adult Services

  • Family Planning/Show Me Healthy Women
  • Immunizations
  • TB Screening
  • Prenatal Case Management
  • Breastfeeding Education and Support
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Child Care Provider Training & Consultation

Senior Citizens

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Immunizations
  • In-Home Homemaker Program

Group and Community

  • Vital Records
  • Environmental Public Health
  • Health Education
  • Communicable Disease Surveillance

Clinic Services

  • Immunizations
  • Family Planning
  • Show Me Healthy Women
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • TB Screening
  • Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Testing
  • Lab Draws & Injections (with Physician’s order)

For more information on this or any of our services, contact us at (573) 323-4413.


The Carter County Health Center provides adult and childhood immunizations.  For those children who qualify for the VFC (Vaccines for Children) program, there is no cost and no income guidelines.  Other vaccines are available for adults and children with insurance, and private pay.  Individuals without insurance are offered the vaccines at our cost.  Please call (573) 323-4413 ext. 0 for an appointment. Flu shots are available each year normally starting in October.

For information on recommended immunizations visit the CDC website:

Overseas immunizations can be given with a doctor’s order. For required overseas immunizations check out the CDC website

Freedom from Smoking

Another program focuses on not only tobacco cessation classes in the community, but also a one on one counseling session for those individuals who are unable to attend a formal class setting.

The smoking cessation program called Freedom from Smoking is available for interested citizens.  This program was developed by the American Lung Association and has been the leading adult smoking cessation program for over 25 years.  It shows participants how to overcome tobacco addiction by helping them to create their own personalized quit plan.   During the seven week course participants meet eight times.  Topics covered at the meetings include:

  • Knowing if you are ready to quit smoking
  • Medicines to help you quit smoking
  • Lifestyle changes that make quitting easier
  • Preparing for quit day
  • Coping strategies
  • Avoiding weight gain
  • Developing a new self-image