Environmental Public Health

One of the most important public health concerns is “Environmental Public Health.” Environmental Health strives to prevent illness, injury and death related to environmental causes. Carter County Health Center provides environmental public health services in Carter County by a trained Environmental Public Health Specialist. Services and inspections are provided in accordance with the Missouri Food Code and Missouri state laws and regulations.

Missouri Food Code 

DHSS Environmental Public Health Operations Guidelines

The types of inspections included under Food Sanitation are:

– School Cafeterias
– Restaurants
– Taverns
– Embargo Activities
– Temporary Service Stand
– Mobile Food Service
– Retail Grocery
– Senior Citizens
– Summer Feeding
– Truck wrecks/Fires (food related)
– Food Complaints

For more information on Day Care regulations and licensure:


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Food sanitation & protection and inspection (Restaurant/Food Establishments); Sewage Treatment Complaint/Inspection; Solid Waste Disposal; Daycare Licensing Inspection; Lodging Sanitation; Institutional Sanitation; Community Environmental Sanitation; Water Supply Evaluation (Well Testing); General Vector Control; Occupational Health; Consumer Product Safety; Fire Safety (Lodging); Risk Assessment; Building Related Illnesses; and Epidemiological Investigation.

Day Care Sanitation Inspections
Purpose: To create and maintain a safe, sanitary environment for all children in “out of home” childcare facilities regulated by the Department of Health & Senior Services. Those regulated are:

– Family Homes- 1-10 children

– Group Homes- 1-20 children

– Childcare Centers- 21 or more children

– Inspected Religious Organizations (not licensed) – 1 or more children

These facilities are inspected annually. They do not pass inspection until all defects are corrected. If an individual keeps more than 4 children in their home who are not related to them, the home must be licensed.

Any childcare facility that desires licensure may be inspected regardless of their category or number of children cared for.


Water Testing

Water Testing

It is the purpose of this program to protect water supplies to prevent water-borne disease or illnesses by providing technical assistance to the public in water treatment, well installation, and sampling. This program addresses individual water supplies as well as water supplies that serve food and lodging establishments and other facilities under Carter County Health Center jurisdiction.

Private Water Sample Test Kit Information

Private drinking water sample test kits may be picked up at the Carter County Health Center at 1611 Health Center Rd., Van Buren, MO 63965 during regular business hours.

Once the sample is obtained, it should be returned to the health center for pickup to be sent to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Laboratory for bacterial analysis. There is a $10.00 charge for this analysis, payable to the laboratory.

The Carter County Health Center’s Environmental Public Health Specialist does collect samples for Bacterial Analysis of private Drinking Water for Foster Care Programs, and individuals under Special Circumstance Situations. These are done free of charge. Water samples may only be collected on Monday-Thursday.

For more information in regards to any Environmental Public Health Services contact the Carter County Health Center at 573-323-4413, ext. 222.

WasteWater Permits & Sewer Complaints

Senate Bill 446 established State Statue 701.025 through 701.059.

This Statute required the Missouri Department of Health to establish standards and procedures for:

  • Construction or repair of on-site sewage systems.
  • Investigation of sewage system complaints.
  • Registration and training of sewage system installers.
  • Provide list of registered installers.

Listing of individuals qualified to perform soil morphology evaluations.

  • The Carter County Health Center is the regulating authority in Carter County Missouri.

The Carter County Health Center does not design on site septic systems. We do offer technical assistance and advice for those who request it.

The permit that is referred to is the Missouri Department of Health On Site Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit. If the information is completed correctly on this application and the fee is paid this permit is issued to the Local Health Department.

Once this permit is received by the Carter County Health Center along with the Soil Morphology Report and the completed application packet from the owner or installer, Environmental Public Health Specialists from the Carter County Health Center review the application packet and make a visit to the site.

When the information and the site all meet the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Regulations, the Carter County Health Center will issue the Construction Permit. This Construction Permit is valid for one (1) calendar year. This Construction Permit, must be displayed at the construction site while any of this type work is being conducted.

Once this system has been installed, the Carter County Health Center will make a final site inspection of the system.

If the State Permit is not purchased, if the soils report indicates the soil is unsuitable, if the application packet is not completed correctly, or not turned in, if the proposed system does not meet the regulations, the Construction Permit will not be issued.

Soil Morphology

Only a Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services registered soil scientist may perform soil morphology evaluations for the purpose of design and construction of an On-Site Sewage Disposal System. You may find a current listing of Registered On-Site Soil Evaluators in Carter County.

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